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Superior Embroidery and Digital or Screen Printing Solutions

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Embroidery is done by a special computer-controlled machine that sews/stitches your design onto your garment. Embroidery thread comes in a wide variety of colors and works on almost all fabric types. We have a large selection of stock designs that you can choose from as well as the ability to set up and digitize custom embroidery designs for you or your company. Embroidery designs can be fairly detailed but are not typically able to recreate designs with extreme detail. There are no minimums on embroidery.



Chenille patches are most commonly seen on varsity/letter jackets. Chenille is created on a special computer-controlled machine that is similar to an embroidery machine. Chenille yarn and the scrim felt it is sewn onto are available in a fairly limited amount of colors. Chenille is usually best suited for application on heavier fabrics and garments like jackets and not as well suited for lightweight wearables such as t-shirts. Chenille isn’t able to have as much detail as embroidery and usually works best with more basic designs. We have a small selection of stock chenille designs for you to choose from or we can set up custom chenille patches for you or your company. There are no minimums on chenille orders.


Custom appliqués are typically made from cotton or cotton twill fabric that is precision cut using a computer-controlled flatbed cutter. Appliqués are usually fairly basic designs and typically only use one or two colors. Appliqués are commonly used for names and numbers on the backs of higher-end jerseys. We can also use your fabric to create a custom appliqué. There are no minimums on appliqué orders.


Monogramming is done in the same way as embroidery. We can monogram simple three-letter monograms or more advanced monogram designs (circle, diamond, etc.) on most fabric types. We can even take your custom-designed monogram and digitize it for embroidery. There are no minimums on monogramming.


Custom Patches

Custom embroidered patches can be made for you or your organization. Patches can be made with or without a merrowed edge, with or without a Velcro backing, or they can even be done as an embroidered simulated patch. Patches follow the same basic requirements for thread colors and detail as embroidery. Patches with a merrowed edge have a minimum order size of 50 pieces. Patches without a merrowed edge have no minimums. Simulated patches have no minimums.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, sometimes referred to as Silk Screen Printing or simply Silk Screening, is most commonly used on t-shirts, however, it can be done on almost all types of garments and fabrics. Screen printing uses a plastisol based textile printing ink that is pushed through a mesh screen by a screen printing squeegee. Screen printing designs can be fairly detailed and are usually 5 or less colors, but can be 10 or more in certain instances. Screen printing ink can be mixed in a wide range of colors to try and Pantone match your color palette. We have some stock screen printing designs you can choose from, or we can create a custom screen printing design for you from your artwork. Screen printing is one of the few forms of garment decorating that typically has a minimum order quantity. Our minimum screen printing quantity is typically 12 pieces, but in rare instances can print a lesser quantity.


Screen Printed Transfers

Screen Printed Transfers are created in a similar fashion to screen printed garments, but the ink is put onto a transfer paper that can be saved and printed onto a garment using a heat press at a later time. Screen printed transfers follow the same rules as screen printing for colors and fabrics. There is typically a minimum order quantity on screen printed transfers, however, this is based on a number of factors and can be quoted on a per job basis.


Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a thin type of vinyl that can be precision cut using a computer-controlled vinyl cutter and then applied to your garment using a heat press. HTV graphics are usually fairly basic designs and typically only use one or two colors. HTV is also commonly used for names and numbers on the backs of jerseys. HTV can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics including 100% cotton, cotton blends (50/50, 60/40, 80/20, tri-blends, etc.), 100% polyester performance fabrics, nylon, and more. There are no minimums for HTV orders.


Digital Transfer

Digital Transfers are essentially Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) transfers that have been printed with a special ink that can be washed and dried without loss of quality or damage to the transfer. Digital Transfers can be placed on almost any fabric type including 100% cotton, cotton blends (50/50, 60/40, 80/20, tri-blends, etc.), 100% polyester performance fabrics, nylon, and more. Digital Transfers can reproduce all types of artwork, including photographs, in a wide range of colors. Digital Transfers are a better, more advanced and modern version of the older Inkjet or LaserJet Photo Transfers. Digital Transfers also work on all different colors of garments without a need for any special treatment process or underbase. Digital Transfers will have a slightly stiff vinyl feel to them once they are placed on a garment. There are no minimums for Digital Transfer orders.

Direct To Garment (DTG)

Direct To Garment or DTG printing can only be done on garments that are 100% cotton. DTG printing utilizes a special inkjet technology to print on fabric similar to the way a computer printer prints on paper. DTG printing can reproduce all types of artwork, including photographs, in a wide range of colors. DTG Printing can be done on any color of garment; however, there is a special pre-treating process that needs to be done on all colors of garments except for white. There are no minimums for DTG orders.

Photo Taken by EWill Studios

Photo Taken by EWill Studios

Sequins, Gems, Rhinestones, Bling

Gems, Sequins, Rhinestones, and Bling have been growing in popularity over the years. Gems/Rhinestones/Bling are three different names for the same thing. All of these methods use crystals, either glass, plastic, or true crystal to create custom designs. Gems/Rhinestones/Bling come in a limited amount of colors and can only be used to create very basic designs. Sequins are slightly different then Gems/Rhinestones/Bling, but there color palette and design capabilities are the same. There are a minimum number of sheets available for these designs that would need to be quoted on a per job basis.


Glitter, Foil, Flocking, Reflective, Metallic and More

We can do custom glitter (HTV or screen printing), foil (HTV or screen printing), flocking (HTV), reflective (HTV), metallic (HTV or screen printing), and more. If there’s something custom that you want done and we don’t list it just ask…we may be able to help you!

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